Wastewater FAQs

Who do I call with questions about my sewer bill?

Where can I pay my sewer utility bill?

Is my home or property connected to the City's sanitary sewer?

Who do I contact if I need to know (locate) where the City's sanitary sewers are?

Who do I call if I have a sewer backup?

How do I determine if the backup is a City problem or a plumbing problem of my own?

Is there a charge if i call the CSM about a sewer backup and it is determined that there is not a problem with the public sewer?

Who do I call about odor problems?

Why did you put that manhole in my yard while I was at work?

I have backups that only happen after heavy rainfall. Can I do something about this?

What can I dump down the sewers or my drains?

Can I pour cooking grease down the drain?

Are there normal household products that should not be flushed down the drain?