Wastewater Collections & Maintenance

Wastewater and Stormwater Clean Up  
Water damage can be minimized if prompt action is taken immediately.

A backup may be caused by blockage in the house service line or in the City sewer main. A blockage in the service line is the responsibility of the homeowner. A blockage in the City main will be removed by the City. When a backup occurs and the homeowner is uncertain as to the location of the blockage, the homeowner may call the Jefferson City Wastewater Division at (573) 634-6455 during working hours or (573) 634-6400 after 5 p.m. and on weekends and holidays. The City will dispatch a crew to investigate the situation and begin the necessary steps to correct any problem with the City sewer system at no charge to the homeowner. The homeowner may call a plumber for assistance; the expense of the plumber's services are the responsibility of the homeowner.

After a sewer backup or stormwater flooding, it is important to respond quickly to minimize damage. Unlike fire, wind, or similar emergencies, water damage is usually not initially severe. Increased damage results from delay in removal of water or sewage. Water will not usually hurt metal or wood if thoroughly dried and coated with some form of oil. Clothing and carpet left uncleaned and damp will mildew and stain.

Tips to minimize damage
1. All water & sewage should be immediately removed from affected area.
2.The water should be extracted from carpet as soon as possible and the carpet cleaned and deodorized.
3. Concrete or tile floors should be washed with fresh water and then with strong germ killing and order killing solution.
4. Remove all wet rugs, clothing, boxes, furniture, etc. from area and launder all washables.
5. Have any motors that were submerged in water professionally dried.
6. Wood fixtures and items should be thoroughly dried and wiped with appropriate oil-based wood polish.
7. Ventilate the affected area properly with floor fan and dehumidifier.
8. Keep expense receipts related to cleanup.