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USS Jefferson City Submarine 

USS Jefferson City Submarine
January 8, 2002, underway close-up (Commander Richter in yellow foul weather gear)

The USS Jefferson City is a Los Angeles Class (Improved) attack submarine. It was commissioned "The USS Jefferson City (SSN-759)" on February 29, 1992 under Commander Russell Harris. The keel laid down by Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Newport News, VA, on September 21, 1987. It was christened the USS Jefferson City on March 24, 1990, at Newport News Shipping Yard, Virginia, and launched on August 17, 1990. The sub's sponsor is Mrs. Susan A. Skelton, wife of Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton. Jefferson City is assigned to the US Pacific Fleet and is homeported at San Diego, CA.


CHRISTENING: The USS Jefferson City SSN-759 was christened on March 24, 1990. The official Christening Ceremony book is archived in its entirety here. It tells not only about the sub itself, but the people associated with its creation, its operation, and the namesake city for which it is named--Jefferson City, Missouri. There is also a high-resolution version of the Christening Book as well.

COMMISSIONING: The USS Jefferson City SSN-759 was commissioned (accepted for service and the entry into the active fleet of the United States Navy) on February 29, 1992. Many thanks to HMC(SS) Christopher Boyles, Medical Officer at the time of the Commissioning, for providing the City with a copy of the Commissioning Book which is a valuable archive. 

SALUTE MAGAZINE: In January, 2003, the USS Jefferson City drydocked in Bremerton, WA for a period of maintenance and modernization. Read quotes from articles about the event appearing in Salute Magazine.

Date Stamps, Covers, Patches: A January 27, 2003 USS Jefferson City Submarine "date stamp" was submitted by the PSNS fire chief. Many people collect these date stamps for specific events, such as a ship's commissioning. There are also several USSJC "covers" that can be collected. Very colorful indeed! You may also see the history of the official USS Jefferson City patch.

ARTICLES: Diesel boat sailor, David Eberhart, was inspired to write an article about his "ride" on the USS JC.