Kevin Meinhardt Award

                                                              Kevin Meinhardt Photo
Kevin Meinhardt served on the Jefferson City Board of Adjustment from 1997 to 2012.

Kevin demonstrated during his lifetime his commitment to public service and continually represented the highest standards in ethics and professionalism.

The citizens of City of Jefferson, the Mayor and City Council express their gratitude for the example Mr. Meinhardt set and thus the Kevin Meinhardt Memorial Award for Distinguished Public Service was born.

Nominations are received from any member serving on a city board, committee or commission; by any staff liaison and any City Council member.

The candidate selected displays public service devotion; excellence and professionalism; outstanding enthusiasm and reflects the highest ideals of citizenship in their conduct. 

Kevin Meinhardt Resolution

revious Recipients of the Kevin Meinhardt Award
2013 - Lucia Erikson-Kincheloe
2014 - Norm Robinson
2015 - Marti Thruston
2016 - Ralph Robinett
2017 - Nancy Thompson
2018 - Hal Dulle
2019 - Katy Lacy
2020 - Holly Stitt
2021 - Mitchell Woodrum
2022 - Mary Schantz
2023 - Frank Rycyk