Plans and Publications

2013-2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2018 Update - Updated on May 16, 2018.
A multimodal transportation plan addressing a 20 year planning horizon that is developed, adopted and updated by the MPO through the metropolitan transportation planning process.

2019 Unified Planning Work Program  - Adopted May 16, 2018
2018 Unified Planning Work Program 
The UPWP summarizes the upcoming planning activities to be carried out by the MPO and associated budget.  It is updated annually and developed cooperatively among the MPO planning partners.

2019-2023 Transportation Improvement Program - Adopted May 16, 2018.
2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program - Adopted May 17, 2017. Amended February 21, 2018. 
The TIP is a 5-year financial program of transportation projects to be implemented within the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), which are funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA), or are deemed "regionally significant."  Find more information here.

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2018
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2017
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2016
Lists projects for which funds have been obligated in the preceding year as a record of project delivery and progress report for public information and disclosure.

2017 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan - Adopted December 13, 2017
This plan is a locally developed transportation plan that has as its goal the enhancement of existing transportation services through agency coordination and addressing the unmet transportation needs of the elderly, disabled, and low-income populations. 

2016 Capital Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan
The plan is intended as a resource to improve safety, connectivity, and mobility for pedestrian and bicycle users in the region.
 - Executive Summary of the Capital Area Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan
 - Livable Streets Policy
 - Jefferson City Strategies
 - St. Martins Strategies

Public Participation Plan
Limited English Proficiency Plan
CAMPO Memorandum Of Understanding - Amended April 15, 2015
CAMPO Bylaws - Amended September 21, 2016
2015 Regional Wayfinding Plan
Wayfinding Design Intent Drawings
2016 Missouri Boulevard Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Transit Safety Assessment

Travel Demand Model
CAMPO Travel Demand Forecasting Model Documentation
Travel Demand Model Powerpoint Presentation
2010 Base Network Daily Traffic Volumes and VOC
2020 Daily Traffic Volumes and VOC
2035 Daily Traffic Volumes and VOC


2013 Callaway County Sidewalk Assessment conducted by the Mid-MO Regional Planning Commission 

2010 Cole County Master Plan
2013 Cole County Sidewalk Assessment conducted by the Mid-MO Regional Planning Commission

City of Holts Summit Preliminary Long Range Transportation Plan
City of Holts Summit 2014 Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transit Plan

City of Jefferson's Comprehensive Plan
City of Jefferson Sidewalk Plan 2010
City of Jefferson Bike Lanes Guide
Jefferson City Parks and Recreatio
n - 2007 Greenway Master Plan (Parks)
Transit Feasibility Study - Final Draft - JEFFTRAN

2013 Central District Bicycle Route Map
2013 MODOT Central District Traffic Volume Map
2013 Functional Classification System for Jefferson City
2013 Callaway County Rural Functional Classification Map
2013 Cole County Rural Functional Classification Map
Urban Geographies (common MPO geographic boundary definitions)
General Highway Map - Cole County Map
General Highway Map - Callaway County Map
Other County Maps

Demographic Information
Jefferson City Demographics

CAMPO Civil Rights / Non-Discrimination Information
Title VI Complaint Procedure outlines the complaint process.
Please use the Title VI Complaint Form to file a complaint.
CAMPO Title VI Brochure
Federal Highway Administration Title VI Brochure
Title VI Program - Approved February 15, 2017
Limited English Proficiency Plan - Updated February 19, 2014