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Historic Preservation Commission Demolition Ordinance
Proposed Ordinance (with introductory memo and map)
City Council Work Session Packet - 5-22-17
Work Session Power point 5-22-17

Truman Hotel Urban Renewal Plan Documents
Urban Renewal Plan
Blight Study
Housing Authority Letter and Resolution
Draft Redevelopment Contract

East Capitol Avenue Urban Renewal Plan

Capitol Avenue Blight Study
The Qualifications for Chapter 99 (LCRA) Designation, otherwise known as a “blight” study, for the Capitol Avenue Study Area has been released. This study was commissioned by the Jefferson City LCRA (Housing Authority) at the request of Mayor Tergin and the City Council. 

On August 16, 2016, the study was presented to the LCRA Board of Commissioners by consultant John Brancaglione, of PGAV Planners. The LCRA Board of Commissioners subsequently directed LCRA staff to amend the existing urban renewal plan to incorporate the findings of the blight study and to move forward with evaluating individual building conditions within the western portion of the study area.  This plan amendment will provide a more in depth analysis of the western portion of the study area... block by block, and building by building. After the specific conditions of the buildings are known, the urban renewal plan will be updated with realistic land use scenarios that will promote revitalization. Such scenarios will include recommendations on land use, as well as building preservation and removal.  While the City of Jefferson Comprehensive Plan and Central East Side Plan promote preservation of historic buildings in the East Capitol Avenue area, there is also a realization that some buildings may be in such poor condition as to require removal. The revitalization plan may also include redevelopment scenarios, for those parcels where rehabilitation/repair is deemed unfeasible.

PGAV Planners of St. Louis August 23, 2016, Presentation 

Questions on the Blight Study or process contact Jayme Abbott, Neighborhood Services Coordinator at 573-634-6410 or by email 

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Our Purpose
The Department of Planning and Protective Services supports planning, public involvement, enhancement of neighborhoods, and protection of public health and safety to promote a high quality of life for residents and to create a positive quality of place for visitors to the Capital City.

What We Do
The Department offers direction and guidance to six divisions: Building Inspection, Property Maintenance, Environmental Health, Planning and Zoning, Long Range Transportation Planning (MPO), and Redevelopment & Grants. The Department provides administrative support for the following Boards and Commissions: Board of (Zoning) Adjustment, Cemetery Resources Board, Board of Electrical Examiners and Review, Plumbing Board of Review and Examiners, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Board of Directors and Technical Committee, Cultural Arts Commission, Environmental Quality Commission, Facade Improvement Committee, Historic Preservation Commission, and the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Department also provides administrative support for the City Council's annexation Committee.

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