Trash & Recycling


Make Your Mark LogoThe City of Jefferson is committed to keeping our community clean and sustainable through services such as trash collection, providing multiple recycling options, household hazardous waste, spring clean up, and yard waste compost. Make your mark in the community by re-using, recycling, and reducing waste for a cleaner, greener Jefferson City.

Single Stream Recycling: 

What to Recycle:
These items can always be placed in your Single Stream Recycling Container. 

 Paper  Cardboard  Plastics  Metal
Paper                    Cardboard           Plastics 1-5, 7  Metal 
Office Paper    File folders Water bottles Aluminum beverage cans 
Newspaper     Poster board  Take-out containers        Food cans 
Envelopes     Shipping boxes   Soda bottles  Steel food containers 
Junk Mail     (folded flat)  Detergent containers   
Phone books     Frozen food boxes       
Brochures     Cardboard boxes     
Magazines     Milk cartons     

What NOT to Recycle
NEVER place these items in your Single Stream Recycling Container.

Plastic Bag - Copy              Pizza Box - Copy             Diaper - Copy (2)       Compost - Copy (2)
Plastic packaging Greasy boxes      Diapers  Yard Waste 
Cell phones  Ceramics Clothing  Electronics 
Aerosol cans  Paint  Textiles  Light bulbs 
Aluminum foil  Tissue  Garden hoses    Batteries 
Food waste  Paper towels     Styrofoam       Medication 
Mirrors      Napkins  Tires  Pesticide 

How to Recycle
Ensure what is placed in the Single Stream Recycling container is recyclable. You can do this by eliminating contaminants and implementing  Empty. Clean. Dry. 
Empty - Make sure there is no food or product residue.
Clean - Empty recyclable containers should be rinsed of all remaining residue. 
Dry - 
Let containers dry before placing them in the container. 

Please click here for information on how to sign up for trash/recycling services, pricing, and to view the holiday pick up schedule.