Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adoption fee and what does it cover?

How do I adopt a pet?

Can I bring my pet to the shelter to meet the animals before I adopt?

What happens if the adopted pet does not work out?

How do I give up an animal to the shelter?

I lost my pet what should I do?

I found a pet what should I do?

Is there a leash law in town?

How many animals can a person own?

Is there a law on cleaning up after your animals?

Is my pet required to have a rabies vaccine?

How can I contact the shelter?

When are you open to the public?

Do you take volunteers?

How long does the shelter hold animals before they are evaluated?

How long do the pets have in adoption?

Do you offer free or discounted spay/neutered services?

Do you offer veterinary services to the public?