Food Safety Education and Training

Having adequately trained employees in food safety is an important part of a food establishment business.  There are two levels of food safety training that most food establishment employee will fall into.  They are the employee level (food handler) and the manager level.

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Food Handler Training Level

The City of Jefferson Environmental Health Services has partnered with State Food Safety to provide an online food safety training course. The course cost $10.00 and at the successful completion of the online test a certificate can be printed with the City of Jefferson logo. This class is offered in eight languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalong, Serbo-Croatian, and American Sign Language (ASL). The City of Jefferson does not charge for the training, so only the $10.00 charged by the training company is required. When an employee has completed and passed their test, they will be able to print a copy of their Food Handler Certificate, as well as a copy for the establishment records. There will be a validation number on the card that the manager will be able to verify online at

To access the Food Handler Course go  to:

Food Manager Training Level

The City of Jefferson Food Code section 2-102.11 requires that: The person in charge shall demonstrate their knowledge in food safety by being a certified food protection manager who has shown proficiency of required information through passing a test that is part of an accredited program, or a program authorized by the City of Jefferson or by responding correctly to the inspectors questions as they relate to the specific food operation.

Currently there are five exams that will meet the  criteria listed above and which are recognized by the Conference for Food  Protection.  They are:

  • National Registry of Food Safety Professionals  (NRFSP)
  • Prometric
  • Serve Safe
  • 360 Training
  • StateFoodSafety also provides online training  at the manager level.  The food manager course cost $62.00 and the food manager course with a proctored exam is $78.00 plus the proctor fee (see proctor fee choices during registration).  These classes are offered in English and Spanish.  This training prepares  individuals to take the Certified Food Safety Managers Exam (CPFM) which can be taken through any approved exam provider such as National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, StateFoodSafety, Prometric, 360 Training, or Serve Safe.   A Food Manager Certificate of completion is available upon completion of this course.

To  access the Food Manager Course go to:

To  access the Food Manager Course with proctored exam go to:

There are other resources in the Mid-Missouri  Region for completing the above training and testing. 

For any questions, please contact the City of Jefferson Environmental Health Division (573) 634-6410