Purchasing Division

What We Do
The Procurement Staff contributes to the quality of life by providing centralized procurement of materials, goods and services for all departments of the City. Staff is responsible for obtaining materials, goods and services at the best value possible while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and policies. Staff is also responsible for the disposal of surplus.

Purchasing Responsibilities
Procurement Staff is responsible for compiling and reviewing specifications for items and services to be purchased; advertising and posting solicitations; receipt of bids and proposals; tabulation of bids; issuing awards; assisting departments in obtaining contracts for services; preparation and issuance of purchase orders; maintaining vendor files; and the transfer or disposal of surplus property.

How We Purchase
Category 1:  Purchases valued at less than $5,000 may be purchased without obtaining written quotes. This category may be completed by the using department or the procurement staff.
Category 2:  Purchases valued from $5,000 to less than $25,000 require three written bids or quotes. This category may be completed by the using department or the procurement staff.
Category 3:  Purchases valued at $25,000 and greater require a formal bid or proposal. Sealed Bids and proposals are advertised in the News Tribune and posted electronically at https://jeffersoncitymo.bonfirehub.com for a minimum of fourteen days prior to the bid opening or proposal receipt date. Vendors must register to receive the specifications, terms and conditions, and response forms. These purchases are approved by action of the City Council. This category must be completed by procurement staff.

Cooperative Procurement
The City Council has authorized participation in cooperative purchasing with the State of Missouri, the County of Cole, and the Housing Authority. Requests for purchases from awarded bids and contracts established by these entities may be made in lieu of the purchasing requirements set out in the City Code.

Vendor Registration
The staff maintains a vendor list for goods and services used in the procurement operations of the City. To register to receive bid notifications, visit our electronic bidding site: https://jeffersoncitymo.bonfirehub.com.

Surplus Property
Procurement Staff may schedule an annual auction, sealed bids or trade-in to dispose of surplus property but nearly all of the City’s surplus is disposed of via an online auction site (GovDeals.Com or Purplewave.com).  Staff may schedule the disposal of surplus real estate through sealed bids or any other method as directed by City Council. 

Purchasing Staff
Leigh Ann Corrigan, Purchasing Agent

Megan Stephenson, Purchasing Technician

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