Veteran's Plaza

The Korean and Vietnam Veteran's Memorial was dedicated on July 4, 1983. This Memorial was made possible by the Jefferson City Veterans Council and through private donations on a site provided by the City of Jefferson.

In 2006, the memorial site was relocated to provide a more prominent location designed to emphasize the importance of the memorial. The Dedication Ceremony was held on October 9, 2006.

The new Veteran's Plaza design includes the original Korean and Vietnam Memorial and a "Walk of Honor". The "Walk of Honor" approaches the memorial from four directions, lined with commemorative bricks, engraved with the veterans name, rank branch of service, unit, years of service, and conflict. The purpose of the "Walk of Honor" is to honor any area veteran who honorably served in the United States Military, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marines.

Commemorative bricks may be purchased from the Public Works Department of the City of Jefferson. A Department of Defense form #DD214 or other equivalent documentation of service and honorable discharge is required. Active duty military personnel are also eligible if currently deployed overseas or have completed two (2) years of active duty.

Proceeds from the sale of the commemorative bricks are placed in a trust fund, set up by the City of Jefferson. The Trust Fund may also accept donations and accrue any interest earned on the funds in the trust. Funds accumulated in the trust fund are restricted, and only used to defray the cost of constructions, maintenance and repair of the Veteran's Plaza, and to purchase, engrave and place commemorative bricks and plaques.

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