Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)


What is CAMPO?

CAMPO was formally established in March of 2003 and is the designated metropolitan planning organization for the Jefferson City, MO Urbanized Area.  The CAMPO Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) has an estimated population of 74,000, according to the 2020 US Decennial Census, and includes the jurisdictions of Holts Summit, Jefferson City, St. Martins, Taos, Wardsville, and portions of unincorporated, non-urbanized Cole and Callaway Counties. The CAMPO boundary, based on US Census data, was created by the CAMPO Board of Directors and approved by the Governor.  The most recent boundary was approved in 2013. 

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CAMPO core functions include:

  • To establish and manage a fair and impartial setting for effective regional decision-making in the metropolitan planning area.
  • Evaluate transportation alternatives, scaled to the size and complexity of the region, to the nature of its transportation issues, and to the realistically available options.
  • Develop and update a Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the planning area covering a planning horizon of at least 20 years that fosters (1) mobility and access for people and goods, (2) efficient system performance and preservation, and (3) quality of life.
  • Develop a Transportation Improvement Program based on the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and designed to serve the area’s goals, using spending, regulating, operating, management, and financial tools.
  • Involve the general public and all the significantly affected sub-groups in the four essential functions listed above. 

Specifically, CAMPO is responsible for long-range multimodal transportation planning including bicycle and pedestrian trails, routes, and greenways; public transit, and paratransit services; automobile and truck transportation, passenger and freight; trains, passenger and freight; and access and mobility.

For more information on the history and functions of CAMPO, please visit our FAQ web page.  For more information on the transportation planning process, please refer to the Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Planning Process publication.

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